About Us

Ivy leaf

The Ivy leaf symbolizes the intertwining of intellectual, philanthropic and social pursuits of an Alpha Phi. It is also symbolic of the way in which our lives become intertwined with one another’s as we become friends and sisters in Alpha Phi.

Coat of Arms

The Fraternity Crest adopted by Convention delegates in 1922 has a shield of Bordeaux with a scroll and ivy leaf above it. Inscribed on the scroll is the public motto, “Union Hand In Hand.” A bar of silver crosses the shield from left to right; the upper half of the shield contains a Roman lamp in silver and the lower half, Ursa Major.


Our flowers, Lily-of the-Valley and the Forget-Me-Not remind us of our fraternity’s original colors. The Forget-Me-Not reminds the sisters of Alpha Phi that our sisters and fraternity will always remember and support them.

Colors and Mascot

Silver and Bordeaux are Alpha Phi’s rich and distinct colors. Our mascot is the “Phi Bear,” whose name is taken from the Greek words “Ursa Major,” or the “Great Bear.” Alpha Phi International adopted the Phi Bear as its mascot in 1974.


Alpha Phis cherish life-long friendships rooted in kindness, love and respect for one another. Our rich sisterhood encourages support of one another through the good times and the bad. Sorority life introduces you to relationships and bonds that lasts a lifetime. The connection and support members gain from friendships with other women is . Alpha Phi values and encourages the cultivation of a true sisterhood.

Leadership and Character Development

Alpha Phis lead by example and strive for continuous, innovative improvement. Since her inception, Alpha Phi has been a leader in the Greek community. We encourage one another to think, invent and improve. Alpha Phi recognizes that leaders do not always have a title or position, but they all possess strong character. In Alpha Phi, members learn to lead through their actions and communication.


One of our founders’ highest ideals was the value of passion for education, knowledge, and achievement. Scholarship is an essential component of Alpha Phi, and our chapter has developed fun ways to encourage our members and reward their scholarly success.

Arizona State Alpha Phi has a fantastic scholarship program which focuses on fun and exciting ways to promote academic success. At each weekly chapter meeting, women are highlighted for that week’s success, which may range from acing a test to scoring an internship.

Alpha Phi believes in the power of positivity and we are focused on ensuring our sisters are academically successful in college and prepared to be stand outs professionally after graduation.


Alpha Phi supports those in need through service and philanthropy. As Alpha Phis, we share a passion for helping one another and our local community. The Alpha Phi Foundation is one of the oldest Greek foundations that works to raise awareness and funds in support of women’s heart health.


Becoming a member of alpha phi is becoming a member of a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime. An Alpha Phi learns the value of loyalty and being true to our values and ideals. Members continue to be devoted and connected sisters throughout college and beyond. Our sisters grow and learn from those around us. Members are encouraged to mentor, partner with and learn from fellow sisters to help future Alpha Phis grow – in effect strengthening our sisterhood.

Involvement and Achievements

Arizona State University Awards:

  • Outstanding Philanthropic Endeavor for Red Dress Gala awarded at ASU’s Greek Awards 2016
  • ASU Panhellenic Standards of Excellence Winner 2015
  • 3rd Place ASU Greek Sing Dance 2016
  • Arizona State University “TAKE THE LEAD” Challenge WINNER – Spring 2014
  • ASU Panhellenic Winner of Most Money Raised for a Charitable Organization – Spring 2014
  • Alpha Phi International Awards
  • Excellence in Formal Recruitment awarded at Alpha Phi Leadership Conference 2015, 2016, and 2017.
  • Order of the Lamp Qualifier awarded from Alpha Phi International Office at Alpha Phi Leadership Conference 2016. This award recognizes ASU Alpha Phi for being one of the top Alpha Phi chapters in the Western Quadrant.
  • Excellence in Social Media awarded at Alpha Phi Leadership Conference in 2015.
  • Excellence in Leadership awarded at the Alpha Phi International Convention 2014.

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